Thursday, January 1, 2009

Long overdue...

I had NO idea it's been over a month since I last updated anything until my mom brought it to my attention! Sorry for keeping you yearning to know what has happened with it all! I know you've probably been on the edge of your seat...

Let's see. I'm moving up in about a week and will be living in the apartments on campus. I'll be sharing a two-bedroom with my new Korean roommate named Won Bum Cho. When I contacted him after finding out we were to live together, I asked him what I should call him. He told me that his first name is Won Bum, but that if that was too hard for me to say, I could call him "Cho." So, Cho it is! He's finishing up his undergraduate in law and economics in Korea and will be starting at the seminary in January (just like me!). I am glad to have someone there next to me experiencing everything for the first time as well.

Having spent about a month at home, I have gotten use to living with my parents again. I have realized that family is a huge priority for me and that no matter where I end up, I will keep them as such.

I had some amazing friends come out to Midland for New Year's and saying goodbye to them today came a major slap in the face that I am actually moving away. I may not see them until next Christmas and that's hard to swallow. But my excitement definitely trumps my sadness. I am ready to move forward on another adventure. And what an adventure this will be!

I am excited to get into a community again. I have my family here which has been good, but I miss living life with people my age, going to coffee and talking, having goofy nights, just driving around and singing to music. I miss the people at Trinity Chapel. I miss my co-workers. But my church in Midland, Holy Trinity has provided some of that community.

Holy Trinity has gone through a really hard few years and is down to about 50-100 people in the pews each week. It has two full-time people and no clergy. And although it has been through hell and back, it is a family. It is a community. It is the church. People have stepped up and taken over ministries. We get together every week for dinner. The children run around while the old geezers sit and talk. There aren't many rules to follow. Not that many programs. It is merely people coming together and living life. It's actually very refreshing. So often churches get wrapped up with programs and rules to follow, restrictions with volunteers, and other precautions that take away from letting the church grow organically. I know some limits are necessary, but let's not let those dictate how the church works.

So, I'm off to Denver soon and I'll be turning in my t-shirts and TOMS for sweaters and actual shoes. It's going to be really really really cold, but as long as I get to ski, I'll be fine.

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