Saturday, November 15, 2008

My New Home!

YAY! So, I've turned in my deposit, and I guess that means I'm moving to COLORADO!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait. Although a little scared, I'm excited! I still don't have a place to stay, but I know God will provide that.

Yesterday I went hiking with some incredible people. It was snowing (that's right... in November!) and as we hiked through the trees and mountains, I was at such peace. There is something about creation that can't help but scream the glory of God. There's a reason people retreat to the mountains when they need time away... you don't have cell phone service (well, we had a little), no agenda, no stress, no day-to-day tasks... you get to just be.

There's a chance that DenSem is going to start an outdoor leadership certificate program and I would about pee my pants if that happens! It would cover everything from practical skills such as safety procedures to the theology of the outdoors... I would be all over that!

Please pray for me over the next few months. Moving to a place without a set community is a bit daunting and I know I'm about to enter into a period of hard spiritual warfare and questioning and doubt. So please come along side me in this journey. I will need support in this.

And if you want to check out pictures of my time here, they're on my facebook page:

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  1. I could teach you some safety skills in the outdoor education how to survive an avalanche. Remember, its a deep breath and swim with the snow. You didn't have to go to Colorado to learn that, I could have taught you that in Ft. Worth....geez...what a waste of money.