Thursday, November 13, 2008

poor, shivering grad students... my new friend, Ashely, and I are currently sitting outside Panera in the freezing Denver outdoors. But it's worth it because you can still pick up their free wifi on the sidewalk after they're closed...

Ashley just looked up the weather and it's 44 degrees (feels like 39 degrees) and tomorrow it's going to snow... but no worries, I'll just be hiking through the mountains with a high in the lower 30s with winds at 10-15 mph... shoo dang.

Ok, so Denver Seminary is phenomenal. I love the campus, the people, what God is doing there. I met with a professor in the Christian Formation department (what I'll be studying...) and he affirmed so much that I am suppose to study this and in Denver. Christian Formation is essentially the art of Spiritual Direction and mentoring; helping people in their spiritual journeys... I'm so excited. I've always loved helping people see their worth in God and how he's moving in their lives, and now I get to learn skills to further help me carry out what God wants me to do with that.

I'm a little nervous about starting seminary. I hear it's one of the hardest times for your faith, but DenSem has realized this and provides ways to combat this. I'll be given a mentoring director (advisor), a small group, and I'll have to find a mentor in the Denver area. That part I'm most nervous because I have already had amazing mentors and it's going to be weird getting another one. I just hope I can find someone to connect with. I guess it will force me to go out into the community and meet people... hmmmmmmmm....

Man, O Man! The adventure continues! This is going to be crazy... can't wait.

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