Saturday, March 21, 2009

Finally... a break.

So it's been a freakishly long time since I last commented on anything in my life. The past month has been a rollercoaster of emotions and pile about a bajillion assignments on top of that and I felt like I could barely come up for air. But God has taught me the importance of time with Him to fully breathe.

Throughout lent (and I hope beyond) I am practicing the art of contemplation... it involves alot of silence, solitude and then reflection. I finally think I've figured out the avenue to use my ability to think through things so in-depthly.

I just spent the past few days with mi familia in the mountains. It was so needed. They are a very safe and secure place for me and I'm so thankful they were up here.

I'm now in Spring Break and 3 of my friends and I are headed over to Crested Butte for a week of relaxation, crazy fun times, and of course... MORE SKIING!!!!!!!! I just can't get enough. Those times when I don't want to think or do but just be, I go skiing. It's my time with the Father. I get to have fun in his creation and he looks down at me and smiles, ever so thankful that I remember his gift of life should be enjoyed. Sure there is a time of sadness and mourning, but as one of my friends told me, there is a time to DANCE as well... and I'm choosing to dance.

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