Monday, July 13, 2009

The Duck

I was sitting by the river this evening talking to God, trying to hold back the tears. I don't understand alot right now and I'm not OK with that. Being 22 has pretty much sucked. When I look back at my year, I see alot of suffering and redemption... I've worked through alot of things.

As I was talking to God, I noticed this duck paddling upstream. It was coming to a waterfall and I figured it would soon realize it wasn't strong enough to walk up the rocks with water flowing down and would turn around. To my surprise, it walked up those rocks like it was nothing. I actually exclaimed, "What?!" and just continued to watch it paddle upstream against the strong current.

That duck restored my hope that I don't have to follow the stream. I don't have to follow that path. I am able to walk against the norm. And while it seems scary because I feel like my path is in "full-stream ahead" mode, I know that God has granted me the ability and gifts to change it.

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