Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I've been in a state of intense prayer over my church in Fort Worth for the past week and so I decided to simply go for a walk and see what God revealed to me. I had no agenda and had no idea what he would teach me. I let my mind wander from thought to thought. I sang occasionally and mainly just enjoyed the nature around me. I've learned a lot from nature today.

During this walk, I noticed how the fast-moving "rapids" looked far more intriguing than the calm parts, realizing that sometimes I look to keep my life rapidly moving forward for the adrenaline rush and oftentimes don't appreciate the times when life is calm. And when I am in those calm times, I usually spend all my energy on thinking about the next rapid. So hopefully God will teach me to better live in and accept the calm times.

I also noticed something about paths. There was one point when I veered off the path to go down to the water. When I was coming back to the path, I realized that I was forging my own trail, which made me think. If everyone forged their own way, there would be no beauty around the paths to enjoy. I've been a hiker my entire life and there's a reason you respect the path... you don't want to destroy the nature around you. So if everyone made their own paths in this life, everything would be destroyed. No growth could take place. No beauty would exist. God was telling me that I need to learn how to be a follower again.

I've had too many experiences of following shotty leaders that I've adopted the mentality that I don't want to follow anyone, but instead just forge my own way. However, I'm started to see how lonely a path that is. I need to learn to follow again. I'm afraid that my experiences with earthly leaders have affected my views of following God.


  1. This is a beautiful, honest post. I appreciate your depth of perspective.

  2. Only the beauty of God's mountain country could bring out such wonderful reflection from the soul. . . and provide such a powerful message.